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Abbvie is a Winner

Abbvie just confirmed its revenue guidance of greater than $15 billion in combined Rinvoq and Skyrizi total sales in 2025. This stock is one of Owls Nest Capitals' core holdings and one of our favorite dividend aristocrats. 4% plus yield and a $5.64 payout per share makes this a clear winner. Along with the drugs previously discussed (Rinvoq, Skyrizi) and the blockbuster Humira, as well as operations in 175 countries 2025 numbers look very achievable. The positive estimates that follow mean this is a cheap stock and the earnings and cash flow will be there to support their estimates. Abbvie focuses on complex disorders like immunology, virology, oncology, and neuroscience.

Why Owls Nest Capital has Abbvie as a core holding in its portfolio
Abbvie Dividend King

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