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Agile and Financial Management

FinTechs and startups, sometimes or not working with established financial services firms, have made real inroads in all banking products, services, and markets. One of the best examples out there is Quicken Loans and its online Rocket Mortgage unit. Quicken Loans used Rocket Mortgage’s 2016 launch to increase its loan volume by more than 7% to $96 billion. Deploying agile teams and scaling agile across the enterprise is a daunting task. At Owls Nest Captial the team has a background in Information Systems we we are certified and have many years of experience using Agile in the workplace. These giant wealth management firms have layers of structures and multiple processes that create distance between marketing, research, investments, and legal. Agile is about collaboration, and instead, you get cross talk which adds to the time to market delays. The key advantage at Owls Nest Capital is our size, we have always used self-organizing teams staffed with individuals for all of the relevant functions of the company. This is not a top-down approach, we empower all of our team players to make decisions because they are backed by the leaders of the organization. By implementing agile it has helped us in our customer engagements and the only way it works is by using a one-team approach for our clients.

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