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Agile/Scrum and Traditional PM-Quality

Quality in any methodology/framework I believe is the true measurement of a successful project. It's the project owner/business/stakeholders' job to find out what his users expect and to document it in the product backlog. The success of your project depends on an early determination of the level of quality that the end-user product must meet. The definition is no more important than who defines the level of quality, the end-users should have the final say toward defining quality in any framework. The business has an expectation that you will deliver the level of quality, and he/she should express that exactly in detail while prioritizing the product backlog. You MUST involve your project owner/business/stakeholders EARLY and often in the agile/scrum framework, he/she must be communicated with face to face when you reach the completion of each sprint, if you set up the team and expectations correctly from the beginning then the customer is always aware of it. There are a few quality topics to be aware of that you should level set early in the agile/scrum framework.

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