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Agile/Scrum Project Management- Communication Plans

Communication Plan Communication is the key that brings together all of the vital components of your agile/scrum project. Without a stable communication plan, your ability as a ScrumMaster for your project will be adversely impacted in all the wrong ways. In agile/scrum your communication plan will document the needs of the scrum team and product owner. We all know that a hallmark of the agile/scrum framework is the face to face communication style, but as we all know that sometimes there needs to be a more formal document (depending on your organization) The communication plan documents the information and communication needs of the project stakeholders and all other parties that are involved with the project. The plan states who needs what information, what format they need it in when they need it, and how it is transmitted to them. I also ask a few questions regarding the creation of the communication plan (see below) Q) How is information gathered and filed? A) If you use a consistent file naming convention, you will help eliminate misplaced or hard-to-find information, store it on the wiki or shared server. Q) When is information gathered? A) Clearly communicate your schedule to the project team then your team will adhere to it when they report problems to you. Q) Who has access to the information? A) Some information will be proprietary or not for random dissemination, use passwords for team members. Q) Who may represent the team in conversations and meetings? A) ScrumMaster or Agile PM

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