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Agile/Scrum Project Management- Schedule and Costs

There are many control processes that you can implement to manage your agile/scrum project schedule and associated costs. But speed is the motivator in the tools you choose; you cannot spend the time to devise these complex processes. Here is a quick 3 step process that can help you with your schedule and costs control. You can build this process and add it to your agile framework. Three-steps 1. Control Perimeter. You cannot control all of the factors that will affect your schedule and budget, agile frameworks help you know what you can control. That is where your team will focus, sprint reviews, product backlogs, resource management, assigning stories. 2. Process Description. Describe the process that will address all of the components (sprint reviews, product backlogs, resource management, assigning stories) you have control over within the perimeter in step one. Baseline the variances to reveal the schedule and costs you've estimated. 3. Process Use. Make sure that your team knows the agile framework's process, how and when to use it. Agile is just another tool, and all tools require maintenance from time to time, immerse yourself and the team in agile. Keep track of which team members are responsible for those tasks that may have a serious impact on the project schedule and costs. These tasks will most likely be on the critical path, make sure they are identified, monitored, and reported on by the designated team member.

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