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Blackrock on becoming Americas biggest landlord

BlackRock is the world's largest asset manager, with $6.3 trillion of money under its control. With a small dividend percentage of 1.88% but a huge dividend payout of $16.52, I have always liked this company as an investment. Blackrock owns around $60 billion in real estate assets and climbing. They also operate on a globally integrated investment platform, they invest in real estate strategies across all property types and on behalf of institutional and private investors worldwide. They’re buying up the stock of inexpensive single-family (starter) homes built since the 1970s in growing metro areas. The key to their purchases is they operate in markets with strong demand drivers, high barriers to entry, and high rent growth potential. You can see why I like them starting out my career in renovation and renting properties but on a scale so large that it cannot be duplicated. Blackrock is able to scour multiple markets at a time and systematically make cash offers on most of the properties they are interested in. It's north of $800.00 dollars a share but they make money in bad and good times so for our team at Owls Nest Capital we think this is a long-term hold for your portfolio. We Ask, Listen, Solve, and Invest for the family clients, we always tell them that investing is a long game and you have to be in it for the duration.

Why Owls Nest Capital is Investing in Blackrock Inc
Blackrock on becoming Americas biggest landlord

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