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Business Financial Analyst’s from Roadblocks to Success

Business Financial Analyst’s roles in any company large or small like Owls Nest Capital are to provide management and other product owners/business/stakeholders with ways to address business needs. When the business financial analyst has done his or her job correctly then these needs often lead to improvements in organizational structures, processes, schedules, budgets, resource constraints, and technical processes. While BFA’s are delivering solutions to business problems, there are also many times that roadblocks will become an impediment to working on a successful project? Roadblock impediments are listed below: • If project team roles, responsibilities, and skillsets are not defined, then you as the BA will not gather the accurate information necessary to uncover/create useful solutions. • No matter what framework (agile, XP, scrum) is chosen for the project, if management is not behind the project's commitment then your role of uncovering and solving business problems will become useless. • If the organizational structures, processes that are being gathered are too difficult to measure, the requirements definitions may not yield useful results. "So how can a Business Financial Analyst in an organization either large or small, ensure that its goals and objectives of the project are completed?" He can start by having: The commitment of Management: All managers at all levels of the enterprise must understand the scope and commit to the assisting of requirements gathering in all phases of the project. Roles and Processes: Management and team members must understand what is required of them in either development or implementation assisted by the business analyst who will integrate his leadership skills on process and technology. Resource Allocation: Complete key phases within a reasonable amount of time, sufficient financial and time resources should be available, the right team members with the right skill sets. Manage Expectations: Clear communications and expectations regarding the scope and timeline of the project and all team members.

Ideas from Owls Nest Capital on clearing roadblocks on the path to a successful project
Business Financial Analyst’s from Roadblocks to Success

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