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Database Development with Six Sigma Projects

In Six Sigma one of the key components is that you must have a well-defined

and robust (I believe) system that will be required to play an extremely integrated role in the methodology. Any action performed needs to be monitored to describe its purpose. Hence effective Six Sigma implementation requires an IT system to receive, organize and help translate this information into effective decisions for the organization.

For such a system to be active and functional, it requires an underlying IT infrastructure.

The following are some of the main roles an effective IT system would be required to play. (Kendall and Fulenwider, 2000).

• Support the collection of data from the process

• Provide a means for effective communication and sharing of data/information across the organization

• Provide an easily accessible database holding information regarding all ongoing and completed Six Sigma projects

• Provide an interactive training tool for employees to learn the Six Sigma methodology and the tools within the methodology of problem-solving activities

• Provide online coaching for Six Sigma tools and techniques

• Provide software packages to assist with the selection and prioritization of projects.

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