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Final Thoughts-Speed Indicators/Project Management

Now you have to tools needed to efficiently build a team and you know the approach to take from day one of your project. Using smart Project Management/Scrum-Master techniques at the inception of the project will yield results almost immediately and your team will also see evidence of your success. Remember you are part of the team you must use all of your organizational skills, people management skills, and technical skills to get the project started and keep it moving forward. When you are diligent about keeping good records, tracking, and updating your project documents your control over the project expands. Try to stay on your schedule, evaluate risks, and use your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to support your team and clarify the skills and skillsets needed to maintain your project's delivery date. We have used these tools on many projects most recently the development of simple syndication sites. I have also attached a slide-share presentation that crystallizes all of the ideas from the posts. The presentation is a tool and should be used to provide a basis for ongoing discussions amongst your team.

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Final Thoughts-Speed Indicators/Project Management

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