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Green Belt what is that about?

So I got my certification as a Six Sigma Green Belt a few years ago and you ask, "what does that mean"?

Overview of Green Belt

Six Sigma Green Belts are the project leaders.

At Owls Nest Capital we use the Green Belts as a primary driver of Six Sigma methodology. He is a person who is trained in Six Sigma skills to the same level as the Black Belt (black belt training is a ton more of math). Green Belts work part-time on the chosen projects and undergo lesser intensive (more math)training than Black Belts. They lead a project under a Black Belt (BB). A Green Belt will apply project-specific DMAIC skills. Green Belt projects are locally focused i.e. they work on smaller projects which are limited to a single department.

The methodology used by Greenbelts is known as DMAIC. DMAIC has five interconnected phases- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. I went through this discussion in earlier postings on the DMAIC subject.

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