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Investing in Protecting the Nation

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

With a dividend payout of $10.40 and a yield of 2.73 %, Lockheed Martin Corporation is not a perfect investment, but I think it still offers a solid combination of value and yield. The only problem is that most of its business is generated by one customer and that's the USA. So politics play a larger-than-life role and what administration is in charge. The company has its hand in many services like aeronautics, rotary and mission systems, space, missiles, and fire control divisions. The company is actually fairly diversified and with the need of our county to protect itself Lockheed Martin is a huge part of the equation. At Owls Nest Captial we know that many military contracts are long-term in nature, creating reliable income streams for our company and clients. With a PE ratio of 15 and the company's ability and consistency of its dividend, which they have increased annually for 18 years makes it a clear winner for our client's portfolios. Add the current yield, dividend payout, and what you get is higher than what you'd get from an S&P 500 Index fund.

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