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Investors Happy New Year

2021 was a banner year for Owls Nest Captial, even with the pandemic raging on. Throughout the year we understood that our initial entry points on many of our dividend aristocrats may have not been at the right price (High P/E) but it is almost impossible to time a market. We all know it's too hard to predict the market’s movements let alone keep your eyes on rotation from one sector to another on a daily basis. We are not traders, we invest with a long-term timetable that usually goes out to 12 months to years at a minimum, giving Owls Nest Capital plenty of time to buy on the dips and valleys so we scale into a position and average down to an even better price for our investments. We increased our yearly dividends by 25% and the net worth of manageable assets increased by over 12% ending a strong year like in 2019, 2020. Our strategy for 2022 is the same as the last 4 years, slow and steady dollar-cost averaging, buying the dips, and reinvesting all the dividends we believe will make 2022 another banner year for


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