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IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Step Five Avoid Inertia

Although transportation is an important aspect of the manufacturing process, I can’t really use it for this discussion on IT projects yet it is a non-value-added activity as it adds to costs but not to the value of the project. Costs like manpower and systems needed to track the material include the additional money spent on any transportation. Keeping the testing as well as the live environment as close as possible (apples to apples) still remains key, as well as having QA access to the development environment so the cross-functional team aspect of the methodology (Agile) remains intact. Environments need to be accessible 100% during the busiest times as well as after the 9-5 work schedule. With the advent of 24/7 accessibility to the environments all upgrades, patches, or fixes must be done on an off-hours schedule so as not to interfere with resources during the 2-week sprints. You will probably have to hash this out at the beginning of the project so the infrastructure is on the same page during the project.

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