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IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Step Four Elevate the Constraint

Processing paperwork is a waste that adds zero value to the product or service from the customer’s perspective. It comprises the project with spare copies of paperwork and other surplus processing for unforeseen problems which might occur in the future. Agile is keen on shrinking the amount of documentation that is normally produced on projects. That does not mean that you don’t document things, quite the contrary you start to document ONLY items that you need, not every single last word or meeting from the project team. This is always one of the toughest parts of Agile, knowing when to stop the documentation because the business thinks that when you stop detailing every little discussion that you will miss something pertinent to the project. And Agile sometimes has the reputation of being like extreme programming “run and gun". Wasted time and resources also occur in the form of acceleration of processes to meet targets. Creating more meetings and or more documentation will subtract your resources time on the project.

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