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IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Step Two Improve It

Once the constraint is identified, the very next step is to take measures to improve upon it. The result or results of the constraint is the limiting factor of the entire process; therefore it should be ensured that the constraint is performing that function that it uniquely does to its maximum capacity. Now you will need a complete strategy or correcting method that will be developed to exploit the constraint. The constraint might be resources, teams, etc but as the project manager you can’t give up because constraints shift during projects to other teams or resources and will throughout the project life-cycle. Remember to exploit the constraint we must squeeze as much out of the constraint (employee time/full-time from part-time) as you can, that is the meaning of “exploiting”. Observation will and can be (idle time, machine, or environment breakdown) pivotal in the management of the constraint.

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