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IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Subordinate everything else to the constraint

All the other activities should be made subordinate to the constraint. The individual workings of the other processes in the system should be aligned in such a way that they do not affect the outcome of the constraint. This is for the benefit of the system. The speed of the other processes is matched to the speed of the constraint. Yes but as always there is a flip side of subordination, and that is that the system should not be pushed to do more than the capacity of the constraint. (Can you hear the development teams, QA teams screaming?) This would lead to excess work-in-process, extended lead times, or even affect delivery times of the application. And if we are trying to run this project in the Agile methodology then we will have to reduce the effects of the constraint, and then we must change how we manage the constraint going forward. We must make the value stream flow and combine the Lean “Just in Time Scheduling” (JIT) model to keep the project flowing, on time, and successful another win for the IT team.

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