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Lean Applications in Product Development- Front-Loaded Process

A definition of Front Loaded Process will bring back what I believe is the most important thing that you can learn about Lean in IT financial projects, they define it as “Front-loaded is including robust planning and design early in a project's life-cycle (i.e., the front end of a project), at a time when the ability to influence changes in design is relatively high and the cost to make those changes is relatively low”. How important is it to have the business define the “PROJECT” and the team “business analysts” document (requirements) in a precise fashion. The definition and requirements gathering must be detailed sound and thorough because it is a vital (if not the most vital) part of any successful IT project. If the definition is not clear and the requirements are not documented in a thorough fashion then adding lean will do nothing to accomplish success. The engineering process that is applied should be firm and the problem-solving techniques along with cross-departmental participation will maximize the effectiveness of the product development process. The processes should be coordinated in order to achieve both speed and quality with ALL members of ALL teams.

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