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Lean Applications in Product Development- The "Customer First Approach"

How many times do we start a project with this foremost in our minds, then as the project progresses we start to lose fact of one of the most important processes in ANY methodology (Agile, Waterfall, Six Sigma) This is and should be the first step in any product development process, you need to understand the definition of the term value from the customer’s perspective. our team at Owls Nest Capital always goes above and beyond to understand, define and help accomplish our customer’s needs, as well as assist in the long-term objectives of the organization and our customer's financial goals. Your team’s product should be developed in a way that the customers are always satisfied and the team resources are always used in an optimum manner. The principles of Lean will help in achieving these objectives for your project, team, and organization. Well-defined projects mean successful financial projects.

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