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Lean for Financial Project Management

Our team at Owls Nest Capital has been applying Lean manufacturing techniques to projects for a while now. Using the Lean manufacturing principles in the project management process has been an ongoing effort to maximizing financial value while minimizing waste.

One technique is using value stream mapping, and it has become central to Lean for financial management. Value stream mapping for your teams is an effort to understand how value and waste are created during the project life-cycle. When teams and individuals apply this technique, it helps achieve many goals for your teams:

  • Quality of the final product

  • Projects on time, and under budget

  • Eliminating project waste

  • Reducing project costs throughout the enterprise

  • Adding value to the customer/client

Standardization is another well-respected Lean project management technique. Standardizing tasks across the project teams can improve performance for the short term and improve efficiencies for projects across the enterprise that have similar tasks. Improving the standardization of the tasks assists in helping the project lifecycle gradually progress towards project goals and increase the trajectory of your family's financial goals.

Owls Nest Capitals use of Lean Methodology for Financial Project Management
Lean for Financial Project Management


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