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Overcoming Resistance to Change

Here a few of my ideas that you can use to overcome resistance to change:

1.Involve those affected by a change in planning and implementing the change.

If you are using an agile framework for finance EVERYONE has to be involved from day one, if you are using a more traditional framework you can make sure that your team members support the change because you have to include them. People are less averse to change when they help to create and get involved in planning and implementation, you will always create a more involved, positive, and stable team. Advise all the team members that while their input may not be incorporated into a planned change, you will value, note their contribution, and will consider it if it is positive for the development of the investment and team.

2.Thoroughly explain the need for the change.

When you explain a proposed change to a team member about investments, you may discover that a change is not needed. Agile frameworks force the team to have face-to-face open communications and daily stand-ups so you will have plenty of time to explain changes.

3.Involve a person with power or authority to help plan and implement the change.

Again agile frameworks for finance force the product owner to be involved from DAY ONE so this might be similar to the first recommendation above, this recommendation is different in a significant way. Some people will not support a change unless they think of it, so to be successful in this approach create your proposed change with them including them in all proposed changes.

4.Allow for a learning curve.

Do not expect team members to be comfortable and proficient with a new process (agile, scrum, XP) the moment they begin to use it.

5.Implement change in phases.

Build on your successes; use the learn-by-doing approach.

6.Be supportive.

Kind words are all you need to bring about the desired change, be positive being positive is.

Empowerment (a process through which people gain greater control over decisions )

At Owls Nest Capital we are obsessed with empowering team members. Some people think that empowerment is just another word for delegation, I disagree with this analysis. Empowering employees is broader in scope, gives employees a considerable amount of authority to make decisions and to act in a number of different capacities. The key to empowering your team is to do it during the origination stage, as your team gains more autonomy they actually accept and embrace the increased level of accountability. As your team's abilities increase, increase the amount of empowerment, this will increase autonomy and efficiency for the project and your team.

Owls Nest Capitals Ideas on Overcoming Resistance to Change
Overcoming Resistance to Change

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