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Six Sigma Phases "Control Phase"

Control Phase

The main aim of the Control Phase is to appraise the performance of the processes, ascertain the level of success of each project, adjust the business strategic plan, and re-start the implementation cycle.

Audit the Projects' Results

• After the projects are completed, the results of the completed projects are audited by the Core Team and top management.

• The improved systems have to be maintained.

Institutionalize the Improved System

• Policies, procedures, operating instructions, and other management systems are modified, to institutionalize the improved system.

Apply the Incentive/Recognition System

• The appropriate incentive and recognition are applied to the project team members based on the project performances.

Apply Continuous Improvement Mechanism

• The organizations, strategic plans, and related action plans are revised according to the project performance. Therefore the new Six Sigma projects are derived from the revised strategic plan.

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