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Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Go, Go, Go)

Now all team members are up to speed and have a clear concept of the project and all the results of your planning sessions are known by the leaders/stakeholders/business. You know what the project end game is all about, and what the project will look like so HIT THE BUTTON AN GO! It’s time to create your “work breakdown structure” a WBS is a list of all the tasks that will be performed on the new project and are broken down into small units to help in the manageability of the work. I have worked on projects that had a WBS and ones that did not. The ones that did not, the project managers seemed to not have full control of the project, like a ship in the wind with no captain. Take that Plan and EXECUTE Start by assigning team leaders to help develop parts of the plan, these are the leaders you assigned as the leaders (earlier post) for your planning sessions. The only hand-holding and coaching you should need to do is to give them YOUR expectations of their role. Make sure that the leaders understand all the small tasks that have to happen so they can delegate them and focus on the development of the application. Now start by having a planning execution meeting and make sure the leaders have all their plans for the development of the application ready. Go over each plan at a high level and ask questions, the key here is to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Convey that this is a team and as a Project Manager you are there to support them in the development of the project. Constant reinforcement of the team goals (better quality, faster development, better communications) will go a long way towards building a successful team and project.

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Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Go, Go, Go)

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