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Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Quality Assurance Testing)

Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, and Testing, as you work through your schedules and costs the risks you discover will become more pronounced.

• Speed Indicators - Quality Assurance (testing) In all my years working on multiple kinds of technology projects, testing I still believe is overlooked. Time is always allotted for the testing of the product BUT I have never seen a testing timeline that was not compacted because of schedule/cost overruns. Old school methodologies always preached that ONCE the project was completed then testing could commence. With the implementation of the Agile methodology, each iteration (2 weeks) involves requirements analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing. You must “plan to test and to test early and very often”, these are basic traits of the Agile methodology “conduct your tests throughout the construction of the application” The team knows the requirements, the developers can work in unison with the quality assurance team to create the “unit tests” so after testing each unit the total product will be tested at delivery time, in Agile delivery time is each 2-week iteration. Think of it as a puzzle, each piece of the puzzle is a “unit” and once all pieces are constructed then you have to total picture (puzzle) completed. The iterative development combines learning from both the development and use of the system as a whole while you are building it. By testing each iteration you build quality in your team and will uncover issues earlier in the process of development.

Owls Nest Capitals discussion on Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Quality Assurance Testing)
Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Quality Assurance Testing)

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