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Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Team Speed)

Indicator Number One-Your Teams Speed As a Scrum-Master you must know what skills are going to make your application development project a success. At this point, you will need to evaluate your skill sets amongst your assembled team. You can assign skill levels to team members (from novice/intermediate/expert) and try to do this at a rapid pace, now if you are brought into a project that is “in the weeds” it will become more complex because of time constraints involved with getting up to speed and not derailing the project's trajectory. If you don’t have the time try to meet with the HR person to gain information on your team members' skill sets, they might have insight from previous projects. When it is time to group your teams together to increase speed DON’T put a novice with an expert even if you think it will help in the training of the novice for future projects. Experts feel resentment and will usually slow the project down due to training the novice this is not a good idea. Experts have the ability to push projects to even faster and higher heights; intermediate professionals also will move the train along at a faster clip.

Thought from Owls Nest Capital about Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Team Speed)
Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Team Speed)


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