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Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Updating Plans)

Your new development project has many plans associated with it, risk plan, testing plan, communication, schedule, etc. Maintaining, updating, and maintenance of all your plans in a timely manner can become a full-time job if you are not on top of them. Failure to do this will probably result in a failed project and or be sitting in front of the business/stakeholders for an audit to see what happened to the project. The two plans that I think you need to keep close track of during any application development project are the communication plan and procurement plan. Communication Plan The communication plan will include all information on the business/stakeholders that you will need to communicate during the course of the project. You will need to know Who, Why, and How to communicate to the business/stakeholders, this report as well as examples of reports and procedures associated with the project. Procurement Plan You will need reliable numbers, emails, and contact names to all the suppliers/contractors/vendors on your projects. You will also need updated materials for all or any specialized hardware (servers) or software (applications) that are directly involved in the development of the project. This plan can work in tandem with costs because it can give you a heads-up on costs related to the development of the application as well as possible causes of any slowdowns.

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Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Updating Plans)

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