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The Goal and Expected Benefits of Implementing Six Sigma for your IT Project Voice of the Customer

I am going to end this thread of posts with the expected targets as it relates to Six Sigma in the financial technology arena. Once the scope has been created, the project team has to formulate a set of attainable goals and objectives that are achievable within a finite time frame. It should also anticipate the expected benefits of the project. Will the problems reduce or eliminated? The idea is to set demanding but practical targets. Process Measurements The different events that will determine the effectiveness of the project are the process measurements. All the necessary measurements should be listed, but they should be within the range of the project. The Milestone of the Project It is important that the project goals set by the team be attained within the defined time frame. A good project leader should ensure that the team can achieve this by providing the team with the required project management resources. The Team Members, their Roles and Deliverable's The project team should include meticulously chosen team members, and their roles and responsibilities should be carefully defined. It should include people most qualified to carry the chosen project to its completion and those who are strategically important to the process. Every project should have a team leader, either a green belt or a black belt. Voice of the Customer At Owls Nest Capital this I believe is the MOST important part of implementing Six Sigma in ANY organization. Customers grab much of the attention in Six Sigma activity. Their needs and wants keep changing over time. It is a fact that businesses solely depend on customer satisfaction. Therefore it is imperative for any business to constantly strive for product innovation in line with the changing needs of their customers. This requires the organization to be continuously proactive to provide the customers with the best service or quality. Organizations have to look for the best way to find out the shifting requirements of their customers.

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