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Voice of the Customer (client) and Quality Function Deployment for Six Sigma and Agile

On the projects, I have been associated with the one issue that as a team we always forget is that the customer is ALWAYS right. Now I know that it is hard to say that coming from a technical development team because we are supposed to have the technological savvy and the business side does not. But sometimes as a team, we develop and forget about the big picture and WHO we are developing the application for. I have learned a few good tricks from the Six Sigma certification I have received and listed two of them below. Both are very instrumental for requirements gathering and BOTH can be used in all methodologies. This is an addition to my earlier post.

Voice of Customer

Voice of the customer represents the feedback of a customer regarding a process or an organization. The Voice of the Customer plays a very important role, as it gives an insight into the success of various techniques. These techniques help an organization collect customers’ input, assess and prioritize their requirements. The Voice of the Customer can be obtained by various methods and tools like focus groups, customer surveys, customer interviews, critical to the quality tree, etc.

Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function Deployment is defined as a systematic process to identify the needs of the customers.

Quality Function Deployment or QFD takes into consideration the voice of the customer regarding their requirements in products or processes. This information is then used by cross-functional teams to resolve the issues faced by customers. Market research is the most important requirement while performing a Quality Function Deployment. This research can be carried out through interviews or discussions, customer specifications, observations, field reports, and so on.

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