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Why We Are Buying Goldman Sachs for Our Family Trust

Goldman Sachs stock is a great investment for building a passive investing strategy. The company has been around since 1869 and has weathered every financial storm that's come it's way. It's also one of the most diversified companies in the world, so it's unlikely to suffer as much as other businesses if there are some rough patches in the economy. The company has a history of paying dividends in good times and bad—it's paid out at least 50% of its profits each year since 1937. Finally, Goldman's stock has been on an upward trajectory over the past few years, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Goldman Sachs is a global investment bank, and it's one of the most powerful financial institutions in the world. It manages trillions of dollars in assets, and its influence is felt across every corner of the globe. If you're looking for a stock that will give you consistent returns year after year, Goldman Sachs is an excellent choice. The company has been around since 1869 and has survived multiple recessions along with numerous other economic events that would have destroyed most other businesses. In addition, Goldman Sachs has never had a dividend cut—meaning that this is one stock that can be counted on to give you consistent returns no matter what happens to the economy as a whole. Goldman Sachs has also done well during times when other companies struggled. In 2008, when most banks were struggling financially, Goldman Sachs reported record earnings (at $19 billion). The company has also thrived in recent years as other firms have struggled—for example, in 2017 when many major banks were reporting losses due to low-interest rates and increased regulation by governments around the world. Another reason why buying Goldman Sachs stock makes sense is because it's not just about making money—it's also about building wealth over time through compound interest A stock with a low P/E ratio means that its value is based more on the company's assets than on its earnings. Goldman Sachs, the investment bank and asset management firm, has a P/E ratio of 8.2, which means that its stock is undervalued according to this metric. With a book value of 300 dollars and a dividend payout of 10 dollars a share, we think this is a stock that truly has only one way

to go and that's straight up.

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